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Loveless Johnson Fighter

Extremely Rare Logo makes this Loveless Johnson Fighter Knife A Collectors Gem

OAL: 11.5“
Handle Material:Rich Dark Brown Micarta
Made: 1973
Logo: Loveless Johnson Logo
Hardware: Nickel Silver

The logo says it all on this Loveless Johnson Fighter. This an extremely rare Loveless Johnson 6.5″ fighter. Made while Steve Johnson was in the shop, approx 1973. Considered by many collectors as the ultimate Loveless knives. You had the worlds best knife designer, and the best fit and finish guy working together to produce the Loveless Johnson knives. The logo is extremely rare. Only approx 60-70 of the knives were ever marked with this logo. A vast majority of them being hunters and utility knives.

According to other knife experts like John Denton, “this is the only Loveless Johnson marked 6.5″ fighter he has ever seen in his 30 years of collecting.”

It came from the collection of Dr Dixon. It was in Dr. Dixons collection for over 40 years. Dr. Dixon was Bobs landlord in the 70s and Bob would sometimes pay his rent with knives. Wish I had Bob as a tenant!! The loveless Johnson Fighter knife has a 6.5″ blade with an OAL 11.5″ and sports a rich dark brown micarta handle.

Loveless Johnson Fighter

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